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You Want To Know: August Edition

Published on March 30th, 2018

You Want To Know: August Edition

On this week’s edition of You Want to Know, Michael Crosby Answers our viewer’s call-in questions

An excerpt from our weekly show Legal Matters airing every other Tuesday at 9:30am and 6:30pm on WIFR Channel 23.

ALAN: Welcome back… it’s time for our rapid fire, question and answer segment called “you want to know”.


ALAN: our first question comes from Blake in Pecatonica…my neighbor has a tree on is property but the roots are growing over our property line and it’s breaking my fence, what do I do now?

MICHAEL: Your neighbor is responsible for the damage his tree is causing; if the neighbor won’t cooperate with you please call our offices for a free initial consultation to discuss the process to negotiate or litigate your problem.


ALAN: This next question comes from Gene from Loves Park…Several years ago and old girlfriend and I had a baby together, I was at the hospital when the child was born, she had been letting me see our daughter, now she’s got a husband they are stopping me from seeing her saying I’m not her Dad, what do I do to see my daughter?

MICHAEL:  This is a critical time for you to seek an attorney’s help; if you signed specific papers at the hospital you are established as your daughter’s father, if you didn’t then we need to get into Court and get your rights established including visitation which is now called parenting time.


ALAN: The next question comes from Maureen in Rockford…My brother has just moved into a house of his own and hasn’t gotten his security deposit from his former land lord. He has been calling for over a month but the land lord won’t speak to him or reply to e-mails. Is there anything he can do to get his security deposit?

MICHAEL: Your brother’s land lord had thirty days after your brother moved out to return the deposit if there were no damages to be repair and paid for with the money. If there were damages to be paid for with the money the land lord has forty five days to send what money wasn’t used and a statement of the damages repaired.


ALAN:   This next question comes from Angela from Davis Junction…I went to see my grandmother at her house and she is not able to keep the place up like she used to and is having trouble managing her bills. Her car lender wouldn’t talk to me about her account since I wasn’t her…What can I do to help my grandmother with her bills?

MICHAEL: Your grandmother can come to our offices and we can prepare a Power of Attorney for Property from her to you so you can speak to her creditors and handle any other business matters she needs help with.


ALAN: Our final question comes from Rich in Byron…My wife was driving our new car and got in a rear end collision…Our insurance agent tells us the other party doesn’t have enough coverage to pay the property damage to our car and the costs of my wife’s medical bills…What can we do to get our car repaired and my wife’s bills paid?

MICHAEL: We need to review your insurance policy with you; if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in your policy; your insurance company pays your bills and repairs your car and then the insurance company can go after the other driver for what they pay you.

ALAN: A reminder to the audience at home… If you have a legal matter you’d like to discuss just call the number on your screen… 815-397-2006… Lawyers are standing by right now to take your call and the advice is absolutely free…

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