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Divorce & Family Law Relevant Documents

It will be necessary for The Crosby Law Firm to receive complete and extensive information concerning the client’s financial matters.  The cost of dissolution of marriage cases can be increased due to a timely failure to produce documentation of this type.  Generally speaking, the client should compile as soon as possible the following items:

Required documents for all cases: Proper Photo ID (passport or driver’s license), latest bank statement, latest pay stub, bank account number, routing number, and a voided check.

A monthly budget of expenses which can be submitted to the Court in support of requests for support and maintenance in their case. As the Client’s case progresses, “The Law Firm” will provide the Client with a form which has been approved by the Court for this purpose which the Client should complete as soon as possible

Estate Planning Documents (ie. Will, Living Trust, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, etc.)

Estate or Trust Interests: If the Client has any interest in any Estate or Trust, the Client should provide The Law Firm documentation regarding this interest.

Tax Returns: Please furnish The Law Firm with copies of the Client’s State and Federal income tax returns for the past three (3) years with all Schedules, W-2 Forms and 1099 Forms.

Net Worth Statements: If the Client has filed any financial or net worth statements in the last three (3) years for the purpose of securing a loan, the Client should provide The Law Firm a copy of that statement.

Retirement Plans: If the Client is a participant in any profit sharing, pension or retirement plan, including IRA’s, the Client should provide The Law Firm their most current statement in that plan, including the name and phone number of the Plan Administrator.

Real Estate: If the Client and their spouse have an interest in any real estate, the Client should provide The Law Firm a list of the address(s) of the real estate, together with its legal description(s) and a photocopy of the Deed(s) for our file.

Real Estate Appraisals: If any property has been appraised for any reason in the past three (3) years, the Client should provide The Law Firm a copy of that appraisal.

Life Insurance: The Client should provide The Law Firm copies of all life insurance policies so as to include the name of the insurance company, the face value of the policy, any cash value or any other terms of the policy.

Medical Insurance: The Client should provide The Law Firm with the name, address, policy number or group number of any health or medical insurance policy.

Bank Accounts: The Client should provide The Law Firm with a photocopy of a current statement of all bank, savings or other financial accounts.

Securities: The Client should provide The Law Firm a copy of any stocks or bonds which are presently owned by the Client and indicate the purchase price of the stock or any other information the Client has regarding any brokerage accounts holding said stock.

Business Interests: If the Client or their spouse have an interest in any business entity, the Client should provide The Law Firm tax returns for the past three (3) years, together with copies of balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the last three (3) years.

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Client Testimonials

Very thorough and professional. Staff is detail oriented, kind and compassionate. Handled my case quickly, saving me thousands of dollars. 10/10 would definitely hire again.

Denny Sanders


Client Testimonials

The Crosby Law Firm, specifically Danielle Burza- Smith helped me with my landlord and estate planning issues. Danielle explained everything really well! Would definitely recommend!

Staci Donald


Client Testimonials

Really good firm !!! Everyone there has made me feel welcome and when talking to attorney I feel like I’m talking to a friend. Staff is polite and very accommodating not to mention they always answer all of my questions and have never made me feel degraded because I don’t understand legal lingo like another firm did to me. Highly recommended !!!

Nicole Almond


Client Testimonials

I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. The staff was very friendly. I’m confident that they can handle my problem.

Don Kristofek


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