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What Are My Child Visitation Rights?

If you and your spouse have recently gone through a divorce, you understand the importance of family law in Rockford, Il. Splitting a family up is never an easy decision, and the process often triggers a whirlwind of emotions. Going through custody battles is an added stressor during this process, as one parent is typically granted sole custody of the child. So, how often do non-custodial parents get to visit their child or children, and for how long? Here are some basics regarding child visitation rights.

Child Visitation Law

There is a law dedicated to child visitation rights called child visitation law. It helps determine how much time non-custodial parents get to spend with their child. State courts oftentimes handle child visitation law as well as other family-related topics such as alimony, divorce, child support and child custody. The court needs to step in and help make decisions regarding child visitation rights if the parents are not able to come to an agreement on their own. Even after the court decides on visitation rights, one parent might be unhappy, demanding the schedule again be altered. Other issues encountered with child visitation occur when a parent does not feel as though the child is being properly taken care of during time spent with the other parent, as well as when a parent keeps a child longer than the agreed upon amount of time.

How Are Disputes Settled?

With our experience in family law in Rockford, Il, we are well-versed in this area of law. When there is a dispute between parents about child visitation rights, the standard of “best interests of the child” are applied, meaning that the child’s physical, emotional and developmental welfare comes first. Parents often get caught up in their personal relationship differences instead of putting the child’s needs first, so it is sometimes necessary for a court to step in and help.

How Rights Are Established

Visitation rights are often established at the same time as other facets of a family law case. Once custody is decided, the non-custodial parents may file a motion for visitation. It must then be approved by the court; a process made much easier if the parents are in agreement beforehand. If there is not a case already taking place in court, the parent who is seeking visitation must initiate one. If you are a parent who is attempting to modify child visitation rights, this is possible. However, keep in mind that the modification process is one of the most heavily litigated issues in family law. It is best to turn to our attorneys who practice family law in Rockford, Il before attempting to win this case on your own.

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