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Divorce and Family Law

Family Law Attorneys You Can Trust Near Rockford, Belvidere, and Freeport, IL

If you are searching for a family lawyer close to Rockford, Belvidere or Freeport, IL, the Crosby Law Firm is the family law firm to consider. We specialize in a wide range of family law matters including paternity law. We have the attorneys that offer you the compassionate, focused legal support that you want when you are dealing with a family law matter. Going through these types of situations isn’t easy for anyone and it can be difficult to make the best decisions when you are so close to it all from an emotional standpoint. When you work with our divorce lawyer or child support attorney in Belvidere or Rockford, IL, you can rest assured you have someone on your side who can help you understand everything and make the right decisions in everyone’s best interest.

Emotions Are High: Expertise Can Calm Them

At the Crosby Law Firm, we understand that family law cases are very personal matters that can be very stressful. We understand how these matters can impact your life and affect what your future looks like. We use our legal expertise to help calm the situation and help you to reach your goals in the matter. Our attorneys really listen to your concerns and strategize to get you the outcome that you hope for. Whether you need a:

  • Child Custody Lawyer
  • Child Support Lawyer
  • Child Adoption Lawyer
  • Child Visitation Lawyer
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Paternity Lawyer
  • Adoption Law Attorney
  • Guardianship Law Attorneys
  • Or Spousal Maintenance Law Attorneys,

you can expect compassionate, caring representation from the Crosby Law Firm. We put our clients’ interests first and personalize our strategies to help them meet their goals. We start by really listening to the facts of your case. Afterwards, we collect the information that we need to provide personalized superior legal support for your case.

When it comes to cases of divorce and custody, as well as other issues that typically surround family law, protecting the children should be everyone’s top priority. However, sometimes this can be difficult when emotions are running high. This is why hiring a divorce attorney or child support lawyer in Rockford or Belvidere, IL, is often your best choice. They can take an outside look at your situation and determine the best course of action to get a favorable outcome for everyone.

New Cases and Modifications

While we specialize in providing assistance to those who are going through a divorce and custody, as well as child support issues, for the first time, we can also provide assistance when you need a modification. Belvidere and Rockford, IL, residents can turn to our team of lawyers to provide the level of service and the representation they need to get the best results.

We Can Help

Navigating a family law matter on your own is never a good idea. The rules and laws can be complicated and difficult to go through without expert legal support. You have far too much to lose on the line to deny yourself expert representation. Contact us and get the compassionate representation you need.

What To Bring To Your Consultation

Wondering what you need to bring with you to your free consultation and future appointments with The Crosby Law Firm? Please review our Relevant Documents page for a full list of items to compile before your meeting.


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Client Testimonials

Very thorough and professional. Staff is detail oriented, kind and compassionate. Handled my case quickly, saving me thousands of dollars. 10/10 would definitely hire again.

Denny Sanders


Client Testimonials

The Crosby Law Firm, specifically Danielle Burza- Smith helped me with my landlord and estate planning issues. Danielle explained everything really well! Would definitely recommend!

Staci Donald


Client Testimonials

Really good firm !!! Everyone there has made me feel welcome and when talking to attorney I feel like I’m talking to a friend. Staff is polite and very accommodating not to mention they always answer all of my questions and have never made me feel degraded because I don’t understand legal lingo like another firm did to me. Highly recommended !!!

Nicole Almond


Client Testimonials

I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. The staff was very friendly. I’m confident that they can handle my problem.

Don Kristofek


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