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Financing Your Legal Representation Through The Crosby Law Firm’s LegalCare Advantage Plan

Welcome to the financing component of The Crosby Law Firm’s LegalCare Advantage Plan. This is a unique financing option for legal fees/costs exclusively offered only to our clients!

We understand that you need excellent and experienced legal representation, and that you may think it is out of reach. However, The Crosby Law Firm’s LegalCare Advantage Plan will provide you with affordable quality legal representation and financing options that may solve your problem and put you in the driver’s seat!

Here’s how the LegalCare Advantage Plan works: If you are unable to pay for your legal representation with a credit or debit card, you may qualify for a LegalCare Advantage Part A Signature Loan without collateral and a monthly payment as low as $150.00 so long as you meet the following criteria:

  1. Own a bank account;
  2. Have an active email address;
  3. An annual household income of $25,000.00+; and
  4. A credit score of at least 550.

Unlike other law firms in the Stateline area, The Crosby Law Firm is able to offer you the LegalCare Advantage Part A Signature Loan because we’ve secured an exclusive relationship with a national loan broker that is available only to our clients. Our goal is to help all of our clients access the quality legal care they need in order to help them achieve justice. We trust that this goal is attainable with the help of a LegalCare Advantage Part A Signature Loan.

Finally, we realize that a few of our clients may not qualify for a Part A Signature Loan and yet they still need our help. So please know that if this scenario reflects your situation, we are committed to providing you with the representation you need to see real results through a LegalCare Part B Payment Plan.

The LegalCare Part B Payment Plan is a simple promissory note designed to pay for the flat fee charge not covered by the Part A Signature Loan. If you’re unable to secure a Part A Signature Loan that covers all or part of the flat fee charge, then we’ll examine a Part B Payment Plan for you which will be managed by a payment processing company (IGW SOLUTIONS).

So, here’s what you need in order to qualify for Part B coverage:

  1. A checking account;
  2. An inability to secure a Part A Signature Loan that covers all of your flat fee/costs; and
  3. Monthly cash flow in excess of house/apartment payment, car payment, utility payments, and food expenses so that you are able to make the Part B payment.

Once the Part B payment amount and terms are determined, the payment processing company (IGW SOLUTIONS) will manage the payment plan and debit your bank account accordingly. For your convenience, any questions that you may have regarding your payment plan will be directed to the payment processing company (IGW SOLUTIONS) and not the law firm.

For years, we’ve known that people have been frustrated with the high cost of quality legal representation and their inability to access justice. The LegalCare Advantage Part A and Part B financing options are innovative approaches to paying for legal representation that may remove this financial barrier and enable you to receive affordable yet quality legal care from our team at The Crosby Law Firm.

So please give us a call for your free initial consultation at (815) 977-7878 or submit the requested information online. We’ll be honored to help you and introduce you to the financing component of our LegalCare Advantage Plan.

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Client Testimonials

Very thorough and professional. Staff is detail oriented, kind and compassionate. Handled my case quickly, saving me thousands of dollars. 10/10 would definitely hire again.

Denny Sanders


Client Testimonials

The Crosby Law Firm, specifically Danielle Burza- Smith helped me with my landlord and estate planning issues. Danielle explained everything really well! Would definitely recommend!

Staci Donald


Client Testimonials

Really good firm !!! Everyone there has made me feel welcome and when talking to attorney I feel like I’m talking to a friend. Staff is polite and very accommodating not to mention they always answer all of my questions and have never made me feel degraded because I don’t understand legal lingo like another firm did to me. Highly recommended !!!

Nicole Almond


Client Testimonials

I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. The staff was very friendly. I’m confident that they can handle my problem.

Don Kristofek


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