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When Landlords Should Hire a Lawyer

Published on February 27th, 2020

If you’re the owner of a single property or a small number of properties, you’re unlikely to have a go-to lawyer for renting disputes, much less a lawyer on retainer. Our law firm can provide you with a real estate, bankruptcy, or DUI lawyer in Rockford, IL. Most tennant-related issues can be settled outside of court. Today, we are detailing a few circumstances that may call for legal consultation.

You’ve Decided to Evict

Sometimes a notice of eviction is enough to convince your tenant to move. If you think you may be encountering a more volatile situation, hiring a lawyer will help ensure the process is handled quickly and without mishap. If your tenant lawyers up upon receiving their notice, alerts you that they are filing for bankruptcy, or if the space is rent-controlled or within a special housing program, the situation may call for formal legal representation.

You’ve Been Accused of Discrimination

Even if you’ve diligently followed all HUD guidelines, disgruntled prospects may still accuse you of discrimination after being rejected for legitimate reasons. An accusation alone does not necessitate legal action, but claims investigations from HUD or another fair housing group may be an appropriate trigger. If you are found in violation, your pocketbook and business reputation can take a serious beating. A lawyer can aid you in resolving this conflict quickly and help deliver a best-case scenario.

You’re Being Sued for Injury or Illness

Neglecting to make necessary repairs to render your property safe puts your tenants’ lives at risk and opens you up to a potential lawsuit. If your tenant is injured or suffers an illness due to the conditions in your property, they have the right to sue you, and may seek substantial compensation. Facing down personal injury lawyers without your own representation is not advisable.

The Crosby Law Firm represents individuals seeking fair and just resolutions to renting disputes. Contact us if you’re a landlord or tenant seeking a real estate lawyer. We practice in many different areas of law, so keep us in mind if you are looking for a bankruptcy, family law, or DUI lawyer in Rockford, IL.

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