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What to do When Arrested for Possession

Published on April 22nd, 2020

Rockford Criminal Lawyers

If you find yourself arrested for drug possession, knowing your rights and how to respond can make a significant impact on your defense. Depending on the substance found in your possession and how it came to be discovered, you could be facing very serious legal consequences. Consequences for drug possession could include jail time, costly fines, and probation. In some cases you can even lose your driver’s license.

Keep Calm and Plead the 5th

It’s always best to maintain your composure when interacting with law enforcement. If the situation begins to escalate and you are handcuffed, listen carefully to the rights being read to you. One of the best tools you have is your silence; if you plead the 5th and refuse to speak without a lawyer present, you are much less likely to accidentally incriminate yourself.

Refuse to Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer

In some cases, individuals arrested for possession may be propositioned with a written statement. Unfortunately, this is sometimes accompanied by intimidation or threats. You have the right to speak to an attorney before signing anything, and you should exercise it.

Request Bail

During your arraignment you will have the opportunity to request bail. Paying bail and leaving jail while your case is investigated and tried is definitely preferable. Our Rockford criminal lawyers can help represent you during your arraignment and/or help you prepare for your case.

Contact Our Rockford Criminal Lawyers

We realize that those arrested for possession are often good people who have made bad decisions. Everyone deserves fair representation in the court of law. Have you or a family member recently been charged with drug possession? Get in touch with our Rockford criminal lawyers today for a case evaluation.

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