Alleviating Your Financial Burden With Our Professional Bankruptcy Services

Debt and financing can be a tremendous burden on you and your family. You may be facing foreclosure on your home, or considering a short sale, repossession of a car, or experiencing creditor harassment in connection with credit card debt, medical debt, etc. In many cases, the best remedy for your heavy debt is a bankruptcy or a voluntary workout. Filing for bankruptcy may enable you to retain your home, your cars, your personal household property and at the same time eliminate your credit card debt, your medical debt, and much more. The Crosby Law Firm has a team of experienced lawyers ready, willing and able to assist you in the elimination of your debt, giving you and your family the tools you need to begin rebuilding your finances! We can help with:

Our Bankruptcy Services

  • Chapter 7: Secure your home, car, personal property, and eliminate debt
  • Chapter 11: Debt relief for your business
  • Chapter 12: Aid financially hurt farmers to save their farm and reduce debt
  • Chapter 13: Retain your home, cars, personal property, and reduce debt

Legal assistance in eliminating your debt

Having the support of a team of attorneys and paralegals who have handled these cases before can help you by relieving the uncertainty of starting the process, educating you about your best options and following through to the final hearings. Since we know the process, we can help you navigate the complex, bureaucratic, and cumbersome bankruptcy process.

Those who are overwhelmed with debt and presume that they can engage in a do-it-yourself bankruptcy may find themselves struggling with the burdens of filing documents, debt negotiations, and court appearances. All of this can lead to more stress, more expense, and more sleepless nights. Debt relief should be handled by competent professionals to ensure you and your family are protected. So contact the Crosby Law Firm for help at a reasonable and cost-effective fee.

Stop Creditor Harassment

The Crosby Law Firm can help you with bankruptcy from initial filings to hearings. We can help stop creditor harassment. We can help you set forth a solid case for bankruptcy. We have helped many people in Rockford, Belvidere and throughout all of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We can help you, too.
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