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A bankruptcy law attorney nearby Boone County, IL and near you in Winnebago, IL can help you to get the debt relief that you need to put your finances back together. It can be very difficult to get back on your feet financially without having some expertise in your corner. Debt can be overwhelming. The harassing phone calls from collection agencies, the sleepless nights worrying, it all takes a toll. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help put an end to it all. 

What Can Debt Relief Lawyers Do for You?

No matter which “chapter” you and your debt relief attorneys from the Crosby Law Firm decide is best to file, you get immediate relief from the harassment. One of the benefits of bankruptcy is the “automatic stay” that stops creditors in their tracks and gives you a little room to breathe. Creditors are not allowed to move forward with any collection action including repossession, phone calls, foreclosure, garnishments, and liens. This protection is given to debtors so that they can have time to work out their finances with the help of their attorney. 
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The Crosby Law Firm Can Help

At the Crosby Law Firm, we can help you get the relief you need. We have:
  • Chapter 7 Lawyers
  • Chapter 11 Lawyers
  • Chapter 12 Lawyers
  • Chapter 13 Lawyers
That are ready to help you get out from under debt and start fresh! 

Personalized Services 

Our chapter 13 attorneys, chapter 7 attorneys, chapter 11 attorneys, and chapter 12 attorneys all have one thing in common: they all work toward helping you reach your goals through bankruptcy. By providing personalized services, your case gets the attention that it deserves, and you get the outcome that you hope for. Contact us today and speak with one of our attorneys to learn more about why bankruptcy may be the ideal solution! 
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