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We understand that you may be in a crisis mode — that you may feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride, in the valley, looking for a way to return to the top. At the Crosby Law Firm, our priority is Protecting You. We’ll work to help you alleviate the crisis, successfully exit the roller coaster ride, and climb up the valley to the top of the mountain once again!

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"Thank you so much for all of your hardwork to make our adoption happen. We are so incredibly grateful for all you have done for our family. Thank you for everything."–Lon - Rockford, Illinois

"Excellent! If they can't help - no one can!!"–Art - Machesney Park, Illinois

"Beyond happy with the help Mr. Crosby and Mr. Hugdahl gave me in getting my case closed. HUGE RELIEF OFF MY SHOULDERS!!"–Doug - Rockford, Illinois

"Mr. Mike Crosby, in our world today, we see so much negative. I thought I would pass along to you something positive. I recently worked on a case wherein I was the guardian ad litem and Zachary Townsend represented the mother.I wanted you to know that I think you have a real asset in Zachary. He was professional, courteous, and represented his client to the fullest extent possible...Zachary was very humble and prepared every single time he came into court. I have never written a letter on behalf of another attorney...I, for one, appreciate his integrity and professionalism while we worked on the case together."–Very truly yours, A Fellow Attorney